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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My daughter has a sippy cup, and she knows how to throw it!

So if you've read ALL 4 of my posts so far, you have probably figured out that I don't necessarily have original ideas, I mostly get inspiration from other sources and make it my own. My next inspiration came from several sources. I first saw a sippy cup leash here on Make It and Love It (used on a stroller). Since we don't often use a sippy in the stroller, I didn't think we needed one. But my daughter has recently become a pro at chunking her sippy from the high chair after EVERY sip. The dog has learned to run when she picks it up! When I saw on facebook that a couple of friends had made them for their kids, I realized we did need one after all. But we would use ours on the high chair. So here it is:

You only need a 9" piece of elastic and a 28" long ribbon. (See the Make It and Love It tutorial for full instructions.) I already had both items on hand, so this was another free craft! Yea for free!!! It probably took me 10 minutes to make!

I looped the ribbon through the slat on the side of the high chair.

And when she chunks it, it doesn't hit the floor! (Or the dog!)

Now don't let this initial interest on her part fool you. When we used the leash for the first time the next morning, it made her MAD. Three days later, we are still trying to get her used to it. We'll keep trying!

At least the living room looked deceptively clean from that angle! Next up, a couple of cute and functional items for my purse.


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