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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free (to me) Valentine's Decor

I was inspired to make some Valentine's framed decor after seeing this post yesterday at less cake {more frosting} - a genius title, might I say. The original item was color printed and put in an 8x10 frame. I wanted to make something right away and didn't want to go out to shop for supplies, so I decided to see what I already had on hand to use.

I didn't have a spare 8x10 frame, but I found one that's 5x7. I looked through my scrapbooking supplies to see what papers I already had that could be used for Valentine's Day. Since I was only going to need small pieces, I checked my little scrap pieces. I was so excited to find enough pieces of my very first favorite paper collection: Bohemia from My Minds Eye, circa 2006.

Here are the supplies I gathered:
 *5x7 frame
*1 piece of Kraft cardstock
*scraps of 6 patterned papers
*heart paper punch (mine is from Hobby Lobby)
--I have no idea why this picture flipped on it's side. It was the right way when I uploaded it.--

Trim your Kraft cardstock to 5x7. Punch a heart out of each of your 6 papers.
Arrange the hearts as desired and adhere.

Place your cute new decor in the frame...

...and display! This is the table in our entry hall. My husband made the awesome table! I bought the cloth in Colmar, France, the birthplace of my great grandfather (we went in 2007). The small heart dish is from Austin, and has bluebonnets on it - our state flower.

A close up of the shelf. I think the hearts look cute. And they aren't too holiday-specific. I might just leave them out all the time! (Our 1st family portrait was taken in November.)

I had intended to add some letter stickers to the craft, but only had room for 6 hearts. I think if I had found an 8x10 frame, I might have still used 6 hearts, but left a little room between the two rows for a single word, like "love." Maybe next time.


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