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Monday, January 17, 2011

Charlotte Dress Update

 So here, as promised, is a picture of Annelise in the Charlotte Dress (see earlier post here) after church yesterday. Unfortunately, we had one of those nights, and she only had 4 1/2 hours of sleep on Saturday night. When I got her dressed for church, we were running late and there was no time for a photo session. On the way home, my sleep-deprived little girl fell asleep hard and stayed asleep for a much-needed 1 1/2 hours. When she woke up - cranky, mind you - she couldn't understand why Mommy wanted to take pictures of her instead of feeding her lunch. Bribing her with goldfish was the only way I could even get her to stand up! Sometimes you take what you can get.

When I tried the dress on her on Saturday, I realized the sleeve length was the tiniest bit too short. So I improvised and added a ruffle (about 1") to the sleeve ends. Now there's a bit of growing room, and I think it makes the dress even cuter.
 I wanted to make some kind of hair clip to match, and I found these buttons at Wal-Mart for about $1.25. The colors match perfectly! I had some brown ribbon, but didn't have any inspiration for a bow. I decided I wanted to use the dress fabric, and thought some sort of ruffle around the button would be cute. I've never made a yo-yo, so I just googled "making yo-yos" and found some simple instructions.

Here's the finished hair clip. I made the yo-yo about 2" wide, threaded ribbon through the button holes, and fired up the glue gun. I glued the button to the yo-yo, glued a bit of felt to the bottom, glued ribbon around an alligator clip, then glued that to the felt.

I went to Hobby Lobby today (favorite store ever!) and bought more fabric, of course. Hopefully I'll have another super cute something to show you soon.

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