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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sewing for Myself?!?

I used to sew clothing for myself all the time. My, how having a daughter changes things! Since Annelise was born almost 16 months ago, I have only sewn for her. I decided she had enough for now - it's Mommy's turn again! Of course, there's nothing like a full-length photo of yourself to reinforce the need for a diet. Yikes! I won't be showing you the full-length shot, but here is a look at Mommy's new dress.

It all started with this pattern, Simplicity 2642 (pretty sure I got it at Hobby Lobby when they had a $.99 sale):

I made the view seen in the upper right corner. It's a pretty easy pattern, if you're comfortable with sewing and using a pattern. The sleeves are not set-in! I thought the dress would look good with a "flowy" fabric, so I found this fabric at Joann's (reg. price was $9.99/yd, and I used a 50% off coupon).

The only adjustment I made to the pattern was to add about 2 inches to the skirt hem (before I cut it out). I don't like my knees, and wanted it to be just below my knees. My favorite feature? It has pockets!

 So here's the finished product, along with my modeling helper...

(There was just a bit too much afternoon sun, so we were squinting a bit.)

Now the next question is when to start my diet. Hmmmmm... at least not until after the Easter candy has been eaten!!!

My next post will have nothing to do with crafting. I've got a little book review for you.

Until then, happy crafting,


  1. Love the dress! And if you decide to diet, definitely wait 'til the Cadbury eggs are off the shelves! ;)

  2. Oh, the Cream Eggs, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, Peeps, pastel Peanut M&M's... There's just too much Easter goodness!!!