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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not-So-St. Patrick's Green Outfit

I'm all about "holiday wear", especially for little ones. But I'm not so sure how much wear my daughter will get out of a shamrock outfit. Last year, she had a "Daddy's Lucky Charm" onesie, but she was 3 months old, so I wasn't too concerned about getting lots of wear out of it.
Wow, that was already a year ago??? My how time zooms by!

This year, I decided I wanted to make something green and festive for Annelise to wear on St. Patrick's Day, but I also wanted something without shamrocks that she could wear all spring/summer. Here's what I came up with:
Yes, she's picking up a goldfish. I have to bribe her for photo sessions every time. That's the only way I can keep her from standing right in front of me & the camera.

Here are a few more views of the outfit:
Oh yeah, there are those adorable baby toes again! It's almost warm enough here for sandals, and I can't wait to see her toes every day!

Here's what I used to make this outfit:
  • Pattern: Simplicity 3854 (still in print)
  • 1/2 yard of fabric (Walmart, $2.50)
  • Green t-shirt (Walmart, $3.50)
  • 3/8" grosgrain ribbon (Walmart, not pictured, about $4)

I loved that the fabric was not bright green, but included green to match the t-shirt, and some other colors as well. Annelise has a yellow t-shirt she can wear with the bloomers, too. After I tried them on her, I realized they totally looked like clown pants. Then I thought if a 15-month-old can't pull off clown pants, who can?

And then of course we needed a matching hair clip! I've seen lots of tutorials for rolled fabric flower pins, headbands, necklaces, etc. I followed this one at Blooming Homestead to make a fabric rosette hair clip. It's not perfect, but it's not bad for my first one.

And here's a close up -- of Annelise and the clip in her hair! (This is what she tries to do when I'm not getting her to chase goldfish!)

Until next time...

Happy crafting,

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  1. Julie, your daughter is precious and I love the outfit! My daughter is 21 now but I used to make her cloths when she was little too! Happy St. Patricks day a little early! :)