Love Story 3 column

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Dresses

I don't plan on my girls having matching outfits for the rest of their lives, but while they are still too young to protest - I'm going for it. We had plans to visit the pumpkin patch this week, and I had just bought some fall plaid fabric, so matching dresses were in order.

It was not easy to get a lot of great pictures - especially since Caroline would not let me put her down and Annelise is in a weird-face-making phase. But we got a few good ones. (I also played a little with overlays on picmonkey - the photos aren't dirty!)

FYI - just in case you're concerned about Caroline's bare toes - it was about 80 degrees outside!

Those adorable dresses (if I do say so myself!) were made from the Charlotte Dress pattern from Mama Stellato. It's $6 for the e-pattern, which includes sizes from 9M to 5T. I'm getting years worth of use from that $6! I've used this pattern several times before, including here and here. The plaid fabric is from Hobby Lobby, and the floral fabric is from Joann.

I used the 3T and 6-9M sizes and made just a few modifications to the original pattern. I put elastic in the sleeves on the little one, added a slight ruffle to the bottom of both, and put a 1" cuff on the 3T dress. (The 3T sleeves were going to be about an inch too short, and the cuff was a really simple addition. Next time I'll hold the pattern up to my daughter before cutting the fabric!)

Happy crafting,