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Friday, December 23, 2011

3rd Christmas is a Charm

If you know me personally, you probably know I'm a pretty big procrastinator. It could be my middle name! When I was pregnant the first time around, I decided to start my daughter's Christmas stocking early (she was due at the end of November, and was born on Dec 2). Many years before, I had made mine and my husband's stockings (one cross stitch and one needlepoint), and knew Annelise's needed to be equally elaborate.

Well, somewhere along the way in my pregnancy with her, I got lazy and procrastinated and didn't finish the stocking. What would she know? She was only 3 weeks old for her 1st Christmas! Then I thought I would get it finished for her 2nd Christmas - nope! This year I found some kind of "determination switch" within me and finally got it done. TWO days before Christmas, but still before Christmas.


I particularly chose this stocking to make since it had our exact family represented: Dad, Mom, Little One, and Dog. That's us (for another 8 weeks, at least!).

Here's our mantel. It's not very elaborate, but the nativity is our most important display in the house, so it gets the place of honor!

A closer view of all three stockings.

Now it's time to start making a stocking for baby #2. Think I can finish it before her 3rd Christmas? That would be 2014. I'll try to do better this time!!!

Happy crafting & Merry Christmas!

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