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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where have these been all my life?

I went on a quick trip to Walmart today. I was only supposed to be exchanging some curtains (for Baby #2's nursery!), but I decided to take a tour around the store to grab a few other things. (Get's me in trouble every time!) I love Walmart's special holiday baking displays in the main aisle next to the groceries. Today I spotted a new item, and it quickly flew into my basket.

Don't they look and sound amazing? The back of the package has a few suggestions for their use:
  • use as decorations on top of cupcakes or iced sugar cookies
  • spice up hot chocolate
  • mix with popcorn, pretzel sticks, peanuts, and M&Ms
  • nd there's a recipe for using them in rice crispy treats
I would think you could also add them to your coffee. No, I've never put marshmallows in my coffee either, but why not start now???

As soon as Annelise was down for her nap today, I had a little bowlful. My favorite way to snack on marshmallows is to nuke them in the microwave for about 8 seconds. That's just long enough to make them soft and melty on the inside without turning them into one giant melted mess.

Let me just say they are just as good as they sound. If Starbucks turned their Pumpkin Spice Latte into marshmallows, this would be it (just without the coffee flavor). Yummmmmmm.....

Seriously, look for them, hide them from your children, then eat them all!!!

Happy crafting,

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